The Best Golf Snacks to Get You Through a Round

Golf can take up a large part of your day. Whether it be an early start on a Saturday morning or a dash straight from work in the evening to the course, you may require sustenance to make it through the 18 holes. Golf shake writer Alex Picken has identified products that should be an essential part of your golf bag, which can help keep you nourished and hydrated, and could assist with concentration and stamina, helping your game and shooting lower scores.

Water – What most of us tend to forget when we go out to play, but staying hydrated is crucial for any golfer when they’re out on the course, especially in the summer when the weather is hotter.

Sandwiches – The majority of golfers on tour all seem to carry sandwiches for their 10th tee snack, the typical American PB&J sandwich is common with most of the PGA tour golfers, while many other professional golfers will choose other sandwich fillings for their mid-round fix.

Bacon/Sausage Cob – Finishing the 9th hole and arriving at a halfway house selling hot food is the highlight of most golfer’s round, and although it may not be the meal of an athlete, it certainly hits the spot on a cold, rainy day when the golf swing isn’t there.

Variety of Dried Berries and Nuts – Probably the most common and effective snack for golfers as they provide a great source of protein and nutrients needed for a tiring walk around any golf course. Most tour players will have a mixture of nuts like almonds, pistachios, dried berries and other varieties for energy during the round.


Fresh Fruit – The healthy option for a mid-round snack, providing any golfer with slow releasing energy for the rest of the round. Most commonly favoured by athletes is the banana which is perfect for providing energy and nutrients needed for sport.

Energy Bars – A variety of energy bars are currently on the market and all of them are great for providing you with a snack to help stave off your hunger during the round. Filled with nuts and oats, they are both healthy and perfect for providing energy to the tired golfer.

Energy Drinks – Although not the healthiest drink available, energy drinks are great for giving you that added boost of energy you need for the next big tee shot on the lengthy par 5.

Sweets – Just like energy drinks, they’re not the healthiest possible item to have on the golf course but certainly do help with giving you that added boost of energy or something to keep you occupied when no other snacks are available, they provide the perfect help to get up the steep hill on 14 or down the home stretch on 18.

Article by Alex Picken, Golfshake Editor

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