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Seven golfing myths

Are you worried about starting golf because it will cost too much?

Do you assume it takes too long to play?

Does it conjure up the image of a stuffy, old-fashioned game?

It’s time to rethink all those golfing myths that might be holding you back from taking up the game. Here are some of the most common myths about golf and the truth about what really happens to change your perception…

Myth 1# Golf takes all day to play
Golf can take no longer than any other hobby or pastime, there are quicker ways to play the game that fit in with busy lifestyles in which two hours is now the span for most leisure activities such as going to the cinema, dinning out, playing tennis, bowling, going to the gym.

The average round of 18 holes of golf takes four hours. However, you can play just 9 holes which takes half the time fitting conveniently into a busy schedule or ideal for after work. 9-hole rounds are compatible with the Rules of Golf and the handicap system.

Don’t let time constraints put you off playing golf, nine holes is fine as less really does mean more…

Myth 2# Golf is a stuffy game 
Golf is changing – with a new wave of players, fans, locations and playing formats, however many people still think its stuck in the Victorian age when men had to wear a jacket and tie and ladies could only play on selected days and time and weren’t allowed full access to the club. This is not what you’ll find in today’s modern golf clubs. Most are vibrant and welcoming with a range of memberships to meet all lifestyles.

Take a look at this #ThisGirlGolf

Myth 3# Golf is a game for men
Golf is a game for all. Unlike any other sport, golf’s unique handicap system allows people of different abilities to play and compete together.  There are some great women players, such as Laura Davies, Annika Sorenstam and Paula Creamer.

With plenty of time for conversation on the course and a great social life in the club house after, it’s a great game for women and men alike. The Equality Act 2010 means that no one can lawfully discriminated against so by law everybody is treated equally in golf clubs.

Golf offers a winning combination of exercise, sporting skill and social interaction that make it the perfect tonic for health and happiness.

Myth 4# Golf is an expensive game 
Golf does not need to be expensive and like any other sport you can spend as little or as much as you like. There are playing options, equipment and clothing to suit every budget.

Get started with a five-week beginner courses from Get into golf for £25, equipment will be provided.

Buy new sets of start-up golf clubs and bag for as little as £200 or pick up a second-hand set on Ebay for as little as £50.

Flexible memberships, also known as golf credits, start from around £150. This is where you buy points and cash them in every time your play. The value of the points may vary on the time of day or of the week. Some of these give you access to different courses.

Myth 5# You need a set of golf clubs to get started 
You don’t need equipment to get started because all Get into golf centres will provide you with clubs. You just need to turn up wearing comfortable, casual clothes and trainers. Many golf clubs will rent you a set of clubs.

Myth 6# Golf wont keep you fit
Golf can help keep you active, burn calories, stay in shape, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and research shows it may even help you live longer. You can walk around 4-5 miles in the average game of golf, burn at least 900 calories and will take you more than 10,000 steps, you will easily achieve the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week recommended by the NHS to keep healthy.

Myth 7# You need to be a member of a golf club 
This is not essential if you want to learn to play. The Get into golf program is making the game more accessible to beginners through beginner courses that you just book and turn up on the day.

Today 72% of golfers in the UK are not members of a golf club. They just book and play when they want.  However, being a member of a golf club can offer many social and playing benefits, such as organised competitions and events.

(source of information Sports marketing surveys)

9 steps to get your golfers to the half way hut

Planning your golf day

Planning and organising any golf day, whether it be charity or corporate requires a lot of work as well as a good and clear plan.

At Teetopin we assist many charities, societies and corporate companies to arrange their golf day(s). We recommend that you consider the  following 9 steps:

  1. Be Organised at all times, use Teetopin’s organising service.
  2. Know what you want, how will you judge it was a success.
  3. Book Celebrities, special guests, entertainment.
  4. Book in advance, book well ahead so as to ensure availability and most suitable date for you and your attendees.
  5. Consider “best offers”, maximising money raised for a charity.
  6. Ensure attendees are communicated with, briefed and know exactly what is expected from them, monies and donations to be paid on the day.
  7. Organise clothing and giveaways for the day.
  8. Get Silverware, trophies.
  9. Encourage attendees to book buggies.

Whilst every day is unique the above checklist should provide a good start. If you would like any further guidance and assistance please contact one of the team so as to discuss your golf day event further on 0844 884 9934. or contact us

The Best Golf Snacks to Get You Through a Round

Golf can take up a large part of your day. Whether it be an early start on a Saturday morning or a dash straight from work in the evening to the course, you may require sustenance to make it through the 18 holes. Golf shake writer Alex Picken has identified products that should be an essential part of your golf bag, which can help keep you nourished and hydrated, and could assist with concentration and stamina, helping your game and shooting lower scores.

Water – What most of us tend to forget when we go out to play, but staying hydrated is crucial for any golfer when they’re out on the course, especially in the summer when the weather is hotter.

Sandwiches – The majority of golfers on tour all seem to carry sandwiches for their 10th tee snack, the typical American PB&J sandwich is common with most of the PGA tour golfers, while many other professional golfers will choose other sandwich fillings for their mid-round fix.

Bacon/Sausage Cob – Finishing the 9th hole and arriving at a halfway house selling hot food is the highlight of most golfer’s round, and although it may not be the meal of an athlete, it certainly hits the spot on a cold, rainy day when the golf swing isn’t there.

Variety of Dried Berries and Nuts – Probably the most common and effective snack for golfers as they provide a great source of protein and nutrients needed for a tiring walk around any golf course. Most tour players will have a mixture of nuts like almonds, pistachios, dried berries and other varieties for energy during the round.


Fresh Fruit – The healthy option for a mid-round snack, providing any golfer with slow releasing energy for the rest of the round. Most commonly favoured by athletes is the banana which is perfect for providing energy and nutrients needed for sport.

Energy Bars – A variety of energy bars are currently on the market and all of them are great for providing you with a snack to help stave off your hunger during the round. Filled with nuts and oats, they are both healthy and perfect for providing energy to the tired golfer.

Energy Drinks – Although not the healthiest drink available, energy drinks are great for giving you that added boost of energy you need for the next big tee shot on the lengthy par 5.

Sweets – Just like energy drinks, they’re not the healthiest possible item to have on the golf course but certainly do help with giving you that added boost of energy or something to keep you occupied when no other snacks are available, they provide the perfect help to get up the steep hill on 14 or down the home stretch on 18.

Article by Alex Picken, Golfshake Editor

Early Bird Golf day booking offer!

Early Bird offer

Early Bird

We are delighted to announce a very special Early Bird offer, 25% discount for all new* golf day bookings made before 1st February 2019.

With golf’s popularity on the rise over the last couple of years and it continuing to do so, availability at golf courses for golf day(s) is increasingly limited. but with access to literally thousands of golf courses throughout the UK we are confident we can find the right Location, Golf course and price for you and your budget.

To take advantage of this very special offer send us an email or give us a call on 0844 884 9934 and speak to the team to understand how we can assist you and your golf day, for FREE.

*This offer is only available on our management fees for new golf event bookings for customers who have not previously been clients or employed the golf event management services of Teetopin Ltd. To qualify for this offer all bookings must be confirmed in writing, with event agreements signed and received by Teetopin Ltd no later than 9am on Thursday 1st February 2019.

New laws on putting – R&A and USGA ruling

Golf can be cruel at times… especially around the green in high winds..just ask Dustin Johnson who famously incurred a one shot penalty at last years US Open after his ball appeared to move before he putted.

The R&A and USGA have now moved to clarify the ruling so if the same situation occurs in the future then the outcome will be entirely different. This is all thanks to a new rule, which is now available for club committees to implement as well.

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How important is the halfway house to your game?

How important is the halfway house?

With such a focus on the speed of a round of golf these days; do many of us miss out on the all important Halfway House and what it has to offer?

Whilst Halfway huts differ vastly they do offer a great opportunity not only to refuel, but to also reflect on what may be going well, or not so well in your round so far and give you the opportunity to switch off and put yourself in a better place.

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Have a FREE 4-ball on us!

Have a FREE 4-ball on us

With access to over 200 golf courses including the top 10 in the UK we have the right course for you and your group. With packages starting from £99 per person including Dinner, Bed and Breakfast and 18 holes of golf, book your Society golf days through Teetopin and find out more about the additional offers we have, including:

1 in 16 go FREE

20% off drinks

Non golfer spa packages available

Discounted promotional merchandise for your group. Continue reading

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