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Golf Day Services & Products unique to your day

A corporate golf day provides the perfect forum to build and strengthen business relationships. We understand each client has different requirements and expectations as do your attendees and guests, this is why we have a range of flexible services and products so as to meet your requirements and budgets. You do not have to use our golf day services to be able to benefit from any of the following products and services:

Beat The Pro Services

Teetopin Beat The ProTeetopin are delighted to offer our Beat the pro service to both corporate and charities. It is a popular add-on, and it’s a great moneymaker. We station the pro on a tee of a par-3 hole and offer players the chance to make a donation for a chance to hit their ball closer to the hole than the pro. To find out more please contact the team at



Hole in One Challenge

Teetopin Hole in oneA hole-in-one contest can be its own event or an add-on to a corporate or charity golf day. There are specifications for the minimum length of the hole chosen for this competition, and most golf courses have a designate par-3 as the contest hole. This again is another great opportunity to raise money for your charity. There may also be an option to buy extra shots in the hopes of making an ace, raising more money for the charity in question. To find out more please contact the team at

Digital Scoring

Teetopin Ltd is an authorised service provider for Golf GameBook live scoring services. Teetopin offers a range of unique hole sponsorship packages, providing your sponsors increased value for money, whilst providing the double the exposure over any other golf day. Our system allows all players to enter the scores, see the score board of all players and send messages to one another on the course. To find out more please contact the team at



Teetopin Golf DaysTeetopin Ltd has preferred partnership arrangements and discounts for you to benefit from when looking to merchandise your event. Our range of over 1000 products means that we can provide you with the right product for your event, at the right price for your budget, without compromising on quality. Our most popular products are :

Pitch Repairers

Logo’d Golf Balls

Golf Towels

Ball Markers

To find out more please contact the team at

Website – Promote and Manage your golf day.

Teetopin Golf DaysOrganising and running a golf day takes a lot of time and co ordination. It is also often difficult in receiving payments and knowing who will exactly be turning up for your golf day. Teetopin’s online portal is a great way to manage your golf day, communication with your attendees and also allow you to facilitate payments from your attendees. Saving you a lot of time and stress. If you are a charity and allow us to support your golf day contact us to find our more about our FREE service at .




Trick Shot Show

Teetopin Golf DaysA great way to either start or end the round of golf, by entertaining your guests with a Trick Shot show. At Teetopin we have access to a variety of PGA professionals and trick shot artists so as to ensure that your day is memorable for all the right reasons.

Event Branding​

Teetopin Golf DaysBranding your golf day and maximising your exposure for your brand and that of your sponsors may be achieved through a complete range of branding solutions including pop-up banners, pin flags, tee markers and sail banners all of which add a professional look to your event. Or why not try one of our unique branded golf gloves’? What ever you require we have the right solution for you. Please contact us for a quotation.


Trophies, Gifts and Prizes

Teetopin Golf DaysWe are able to provide a whole range of trophies, gifts and prizes for your event, golf or non golf related. We have corporate accounts with a number of fashion and golf apparel / equipment brands so as to suit your requirements.  Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.



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