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Looking to raise money for your charity?

Teetopin is a specialist Charity golf day organiser. Organising golf days throughout the UK, working with specialist suppliers to provide unique and truly memorable golf days, throughout the UK.

Speak to one of our Charity golf day specialists now to find out more about what is included in our Charity golf day packages and how we can help you raise up to 40% more for your charity golf day, without asking your guests for any more money. Interested call us now on 020 8798 3879.

With a dedicated organiser to guide you through the hazards of organising a Charity golf day, taking you from teetopin without the hazards.

  • Our Corporate and Charity Golf days are bespoke and unique so as to meet your individual requirements and goals. We can provide full event management service, or simply assist with certain aspects of your day, from liaison with golf club staffs, competition formatting or the sourcing of Celebrity’s, entertainment or auction management.
  • Teetopin golf days provides a range of extras so as to make your day stand out from the rest.
  • We have access to over 100 courses throughout the Uk so where ever you wish to hold your golf day Teetopin are here to help you put on an amazing show.
  • To find out more why not call us on 020 8798 3879, or email us at

Why have a Charity golf day?

  • Spend Quality time with your clients, we will take all the hassles away when organising your Charity golf day.
  • Appreciate the support shown by existing customers
  • Showcase your organisation and product to attract new business
  • Increase your organisations profile and brand awareness, both on and off the course
  • Raise money for Charity. Ask about our unique ways to increase the charitable donations by approximately 20%.
  • To find out more why not call us on 020 8798 3879, or email us at
Teetopin Ltd

Whenever we attend a charity golf day we become a charity fundraiser. A charity golf fundraiser may either be an individual attending an invitational event; or you may be attending a specific charity’s golf day as part of a team. if you do not have your own chosen charity we work with a number of charities which we would be welcome to recommend.

At some point during a charity golf day you will be asked / feel obliged to donate money, no matter how big or small. For example prize draw’s, competitions, raffle tickets, mulligans etc.. This makes you a fundraising golfer.

However, when each of us may run a marathon, do a climbing event, the first thing we do it set up a “just giving” site. We often have a target to reach and we then send a link out to everyone we know.

When you arrange or attend a charity golf day check they have a fundraising page, or set one up yourself as an individual and ask your friends to sponsor you.

If each individual sets up a fundraising page and your day has 18 teams of 4 players, 72 players / fundraisers, raising £100 each, you have just raised £7,200.


Many people are unaware , but ALL donations made by your golfers at events overseas qualify for gift aid.

What does this mean for your fundraising?

This means your fundraising for your Charity Golf day may be boosted by another 25% with Gift Aid, which many people do not realise or forget.

It does not matter which country or currency hosts your fundraising golf day. HMRC will still apply gift aid to the currency. (This is however ONLY available to UK Charity Organisations)

Teetopin Ltd


Teetopin Golf Days

This is a great activity to do just before everyone sits down for their meal. Ask each table to nominate the sexiest person; who is then vetted by the room for approval and becomes that teams fundraising champion. Then ask that person to collect, £5, £10 or £20 from each of their tables. Once this is done you can then play Heads & tails, when someone will win half the pot.

There are many many more ways to raise money for your chosen charity including Silent Auctions and Auctions in general. To find out more call the team on 0844 844 9934 or email us at

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