How important is the halfway house to your game?

How important is the halfway house?

With such a focus on the speed of a round of golf these days; do many of us miss out on the all important Halfway House and what it has to offer?

Whilst Halfway huts differ vastly they do offer a great opportunity not only to refuel, but to also reflect on what may be going well, or not so well in your round so far and give you the opportunity to switch off and put yourself in a better place.

Halfway huts offer a great variety of items, from hot soups, bacon baps and hot drinks for those cold winter Charity Golf days, whilst in the Summer they can also offer much needed colder refreshment to allow you to keep a cool head. Whatever is your reason for a break, it can, quite often re invigorate your round.

When Planning your golf day make sure you include the amazing experience of the Halfway Hut for all your Charity Golf day players and add a new and difference dimension to your golf day and make sure your attendees don’t miss out.

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To learn more about the UK’s best hallway huts please go and view this great article by Golf Monthly.

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