Motivational Guest Speakers

Motivational Speakers

 Teetopin was founded in 2015 to provide innovative golf and event management services. Selecting the right host, comedian or motivational speaker is crucial to ensure guests have fun and remember your event, and want to come back again and again. Once we have assisted you in building a brief we will work with your chosen speaker so as to ensure the brief is met, and providing you with the freedom to relax and enjoy the day with your guests.

Motivational speakers are often the highlight of any event with their stories of experiences from “out of this world” experiences on their journeys to greatness. A well chosen speaker will ensure that your audience is Inspired, invigorated, motivated and ultimately prepared for the task(s) ahead.

Awards ceremonies and end of season dinners is an area where many of our speakers come into their own speaking with authority whilst capturing and entertaining the audience.

After dinner speakers and comedians are a great way to provide light entertainment to any lunch or dinner proceedings, whether it be a fundraising event or awards ceremony.

Whatever your event and whatever the topic or message you would like conveyed we are able to provide you with the appropriate speaker and subject matter so as to ensure your speaker is a success.

Our clients’ come from a range of industries including Automotive, Legal, Construction, Engineering, Sports Clubs, Education, charities and Associations.

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A selection of the hosts and speakers we are working with….

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