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9 steps to get your golfers to the half way hut

Planning your golf day

Planning and organising any golf day, whether it be charity or corporate requires a lot of work as well as a good and clear plan.

At Teetopin we assist many charities, societies and corporate companies to arrange their golf day(s). We recommend that you consider the  following 9 steps:

  1. Be Organised at all times, use Teetopin’s organising service.
  2. Know what you want, how will you judge it was a success.
  3. Book Celebrities, special guests, entertainment.
  4. Book in advance, book well ahead so as to ensure availability and most suitable date for you and your attendees.
  5. Consider “best offers”, maximising money raised for a charity.
  6. Ensure attendees are communicated with, briefed and know exactly what is expected from them, monies and donations to be paid on the day.
  7. Organise clothing and giveaways for the day.
  8. Get Silverware, trophies.
  9. Encourage attendees to book buggies.

Whilst every day is unique the above checklist should provide a good start. If you would like any further guidance and assistance please contact one of the team so as to discuss your golf day event further on 0844 884 9934. or contact us

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